Don’t Compare Yourself with Others


      Once there was a happy crow. She thought that she was the happiest bird around. Then, she saw a sawn. ''I am black, and this swan is white, ''thought the crow. ''She must be happier than me.''

      The crow expressed this to the swan. The swan said, ''I thought I was the happiest until I met a parrot. He has two colors. He must be happier.''

      However, when the crow asked a parrot about this, the parrot said it wasn't true. Peacocks were very colorful. They must be the happiest birds.




         The crow found a peacock at the zoo. He really was beautiful. ''You must be the happiest bird on Earth, ''the crow told him.

      ''I thought that was the case before,'' said the peacock. ''However, I'm trapped in this zoo because of my beauty. Crows are never trapped in zoos. I wish I could be a crow. Then I would be very happy.

      The peacock's words were a awake-up call for crow. Someone would always have more or less than her. She learned a lesson, and her life satisfied her again.